General terms

The Danish Foreign Ministry has clear and strict rules about entering and staying in Denmark. To ensure that students wanting to come to Skals Efterskole are able to do so, the following terms and conditions should be read and understood.

1. How to Apply:

Please complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. You should apply at least five to six months prior to the start of the course. Danish citizens living abroad are advised to apply through the Skals Efterskole Danish web page ("Tilmelding").

2. Application fee:

An application fee of 2500 DKK is to be paid upon request.

 3. Course Confirmations and Payment Deadline:

If you are accepted we will send you a written confirmation of your course enrolment and instructions on how to pay your school fee within days of receiving your application. Please note that in accordance with the Danish government regulations, visa and residence permits will not be issued by the Danish Embassy or Consulate in your country until the Foreign Ministry in Denmark has received confirmation from Skals Efterskole that full payment for the course will be made.

4. Course Documents:

You will receive a student guide with information regarding the school and other practical information along with your final acceptance letter and the guarantee for your payment. Shortly before the course begins you will receive an indicative timetable and description of the subjects offered during the Term.

5. Minimum Age Requirements:

All students must be at least 14 years old.

6. Accommodation:

Rooms with 4 beds with shared bathroom.

7. VISA and Residence information:

You are responsible for obtaining Visa or Residence permit and must get the necessary forms from a Danish consulate or embassy in your country. It takes approximately 12 to 14 weeks to get a Visa or Residence permit. You are responsible for any visa related expenses.

NOTICE: Due to Danish regulations it is not possible (in any ways) to extend the residence permit. In other words this means that it is only possible to study in Denmark for one year.

8. Cancellation:

"Cancellation" refers to those cancellations made before you start your program. Cancellation must be written and made before the start of the program. Cancellation must be received by the school at least 4 weeks before the date your course starts in order to receive a full refund of your school fee less the administration costs of 2000 DKK. If this is not done, you will forfeit two week of your school fees.

Any student, who has been denied a Visa or Residence permit or has not yet received the authorization prior to the start of the course, will receive a complete refund of all school fees, provided that the student notifies SE before the first day of the program and make arrangements accordingly.

9. Termination:

"Termination" means leaving the course once it has begun.

If you wish to leave before the course ends without serious reasons (illness or death in your close family) the rule of Danish Efterskole Association is that you must pay for the period you have been here plus four weeks from the day of departure.

Students with a Visa / Residence permit for studying at the school will only get the refund when proof of arrival to their home country has been received by the school (your residence permit/visa has been cancelled at the Danish Embassy or Consulate and a copy has been faxed to us).

10. Course Extensions:

The school cannot extend your stay, as it only obtains students for 1 year. This applies only to NON Danish citizens who are NOT EU citizens.

11. Schedule:

All lessons are of 45 minutes duration, usually combined in blocks with 2 lessons per block (80-minutes).

12. Course Certificates:

Students who meet attendance requirements and complete a course will receive a final certificate. Upon request from applicant he/she can sit for a final Danish language test at the Danish Language School. A National Certificate in Danish will be awarded.

13. Medical Insurance and Coverage:

Students from all countries are advised to take out personal insurance for medical and dental care. Students that are staying for more than 3 months and have a residence permit upon arrival in Denmark will be covered by the Danish health insurance system after 6 weeks. Please be aware that the Danish Health Insurance system covers only a very small amount of the total costs of dental care and medicine.

14. Theft insurance:

The school's theft insurance does not cover privately owned articles and the college takes no responsibility for lost/stolen articles.

15. Financial Aid

Danish Students can apply for financial assistance from the Danish Government. Please be advised to contact Skals Efterskole for further information regarding scholarships for non-Danish citizens.

16. Program Changes:

SKALs have the right to change starting dates, course curriculum and programs at any time.

17. School fee:

The school fee for 2015/16 is the total amount of 82.950 DKK.

Every year the school grants a number of scholarships to foreign students (whose parents are not Danish citizens). This gives at total school fee of 65.000 DKK to be paid and approx. equivalent to fees paid by Danish families. If one parent is a holder of a Danish citizenship, students will automatically get a state grant according to household income 2 years prior to course start. Ask the school for more information regarding payment.

18. Fee coverage:

Your fee covers tuition, full board and lodging at the school and all local excursions including study tours to foreign countries in Europe.

If you seek admission to SIP (Skals International Project Class) an extra travel fee, covering a study tour to Nepal, of 9.000 DKK must be paid.

If you seek admission to the IGCSE/Cambridge class an extra travel fee, covering a 2-week language course in Cambridge or an Exchange Programme with Hanoi, Vietnam, of 9.000 DDK must be paid.

19. Fee does not cover:

Travel expenses to and from Denmark, visa fee, personal needs and pocket money.

20. Opening and closing of course:

Course starts Sunday 9th August 2015 and closes Saturday 25th June 2015.

Skals, August 2015