Common sessions

The true spirit of SKALs

The true spirit can be found in our choice of collective sessions. We aim to provide skills required for lifelong learning and active citizenship. Through the development of these skills we aim for what N.F.S. Grundtvig called "enlightenment for life". All students share these sessions across particular lines and levels of study. They add to the feeling of community and the mutual sense of SKALs spirit.

  • Common sessions include two lessons of gymnastics/physical education every week. Compulsory gymnastic training leads to a show (among others) in April in Gigantium in Aalborg. This is an annual event where hundreds of Efterskole students meet to show off their gymnastics program.
  • Narration starts off the day Tuesday and Thursday mornings when a teacher will tell a tale or an anecdote for 30 minutes.
  • Morning News may be tuned in to CNN, Danish broadcasting stations or Al Jazeera giving a broad perspective on world events.
  • School Meetings are held daily before lunch time in the auditorium. Messages are shared and you can keep up with the many activities going on.
  • The Monthly School Meeting allows every one a say. We aim to strengthen democratic practice by letting you participate in the ongoing discussion of how we can ensure SKALs is a warm and fun community where you can continually thrive.
  • Friday Singing Session ends the school week on a happy note. No matter if you will be spending the weekend at SKALs or going away, you can´t help feeling good after sharing a lesson of singing with your friends. Songs may be chosen from the Danish Højskolesangbogen, from English favorites or other popular songs.

Remember it´s hard to be sad when you are singing!