SKALs International Project Class

SKALs International Project Class

At SKALs International Boarding School we can offer you a year in our International Project Class (SIP). SIP focus on enhancing your professional, personal and social skills alike.

Facts about SKALs International Project Class:

  • International students from abroad as well as Danish students will be attending this class.
  • We speak English.
  • We study subjects such as democracy, globalisation, European identities, EU - federation or confederation, cultural conflicts and international politics.
  • We work with information and communication technology.
  • We expect our students to be able to take responsibility, to cooperate, to collect relevant information and to work thoroughly with this information.
  • We do not have a National Exam. However, the academic year is completed with an internal test of one-week duration.


SIP does not have an ordinary schedule with normal school subjects such as Mathematics and German. We focus on project-oriented group work, where each student has to take responsibility for his or her own learning. This kind of learning has shown to be very functional and relevant for our modern society and students have to maintain a high level of self-discipline. To learn more about the different projects we work with please visit our website below.

Two teachers are connected to the International Class as facilitators and mediators. The teachers give constructive input and critical remarks to the group and the individual students.

Admission requirements

  • You must have finished your grade 9 when you start at the school.
  • You have to be good at English and also be able to read easily and express yourself in writing in this language.
  • You will take Danish classes, because this is the language of everyday life in the rest of the school - when you are not in the International Class.

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate in Danish from the National Language Center, Viborg - if you wish so.

SIP has been offered at SKALs for more than a decade, and is ever changing in order to enhance students skills for the future in both the educational system and the labour market.

If you would like to work in English in hands on projects where you study with both Danish and foreign students SIP might just be what you are looking for.

You could see SIP as a transition year where you will be able to develop skills not offered anywhere else.


  • We train entrepreneurs, and enable them to communicate in both a creative and targeted manner
  • We want our members of SIP to use their skills from the course at the School of Media when they present their work
  • We want the entrepreneurs of SIP to make a difference now and in the future
  • Members of SIP get used to communicate in English


  • You need to make a difference to your collaborators and target groups
  • You learn to deal with projects in a manner where you are creative and thinking out of the box, while focusing on the target
  • You will learn to think creatively and "out of the box" and still being able to focus on the goal
  • By letting SIP working on the basis of self-governed projects we wish to make you independent, responsible and ready for the educational system as well as the future labour market
  • For the benefit of yourself and society as a whole (social, local and global), you will become an entrepreneur dealing with projects that makes a difference

By working on projects in Africa, Nepal and Europe you will get a new perspective and understanding your own role in a new way.

In SIP you will cooperate with your classmates in projects throughout the year. You work in an international environment on projects that are usually oriented towards social studies. You will learn how to organise and run projects in a professional manner.

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