Periodic subjects

At SKALs you put together your schedule with a combination of:

  • academic subjects with a final exam (depending on the chosen line of study)
  • theme subjects (choose between six different ones)
  • periodic subjects (which you can choose if there is more time in your schedule)
  • common subjects (we have chosen them - see description elsewhere)

These periodic subjects give you the chance to be inspired and diversify your schedule. You may try something completely new or keep up an interest. Maybe you are a lover of soccer or just can`t get enough languages in your life. Take up periodic subjects each term and naturally the teaching faculty will introduce the many possibilities. They last 80 minutes each.

Ninth graders may have 1-2 periodic subjects whereas 10th graders and SIP students can take more. Students will join across lines of study and academic level.

At SKALs we also speak Chinese!

Here are some of the subjects to choose between:

  • Languages beginners level: French, Spanish, Chinese
  • PE: soccer, swimming, basketball, handball etc.
  • Arts: drawing, redesigning clothes
  • Social study: political issues
  • Others: hunting license

Efterskolens valgfag har høj faglighed, uanset om du vælger sprogfag, idræt, samfundsfag eller kreative fag.