Code of Conduct

In a place where many people (150 students and 30 staff members) must function together, a certain Code of Conduct is required. For that reason, the school has many rules in place concerning everyday life. The majority of these rules were created in co-operation with students who attended Skals Efterskole in previous years.  

The Code of Conduct is built on trust and a high degree of freedom coupled with responsibility.

We expect that you are responsible and committed to contributing positively to the daily functioning of the school. We especially require that everyone has respect for one another, for the collective student body and for the school rules, buildings and contents therein.

When speaking about Code of Conduct in general, there are always things that one is not permitted to do. This applies at our school as well, but it is even more important to understand what you need to do as a student.

As a student you must do your part to ensure that each one of the other 127 students feels good and safe at the school.

All students live in free-standing houses equipped with four-bed dormitories. Each floor is a social entity, where students themselves share the main responsibilities of tidying up, cleaning and creating a fellowship that is considerate of each individual. It is your choice whether you prefer to live on mixed floors or with girls/boys alone.

There is of course mandatory attendance for all classes. Exceptions can be made, but only after receiving written permission from the parents.  

All meals take place in the dining hall where each student is assigned a seat. Attendance at all meals is mandatory.

Girls and boys may only visit each others' living quarters at certain times (normally between 8am and 10pm).

The school has five main rules:


2.     NO DRUGS

3.     NO SEX



(Failing to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the school)