Free Time

To attend an efterskole means that you will spend almost all of your time at the school.

The school, which is your new temporary home, is in use from early morning until late at night. In addition to usual classes there are lots of other activities taking place both during, and outside of, school hours.

The efterskole has a selection of teacher- and student-arranged leisure activities that ensure a multitude of different activities to choose from. These activities may include sports, baking, games, etc which contribute to the fellowship at the school.

If these activities still do not quite meet your needs, the town of Skals has an active sports club where you have the possibility to participate in alternative activities with everything from hand-ball to underwater rugby. At our efterskole we think that it's a good idea for us to be an active part of the town, and to encourage you to participate in this club, we will pay fifty percent of the fees involved.