Ready - Set - GO

Are you ready for boarding school? Are you ready to go for SKALs?

Your choice is an important decision - for you and for us. This is a bond worth tying.

Danish Efterskole

Historically and culturally the Danish Efterskole is a unique Danish boarding school. Each year more than 28000 students attend the schools for a year or more. It is worth experiencing.

You have to know it takes courage to start at a boarding school. It takes determination and resolution. It also takes you away from your parents, your friends, and your familiar and comfortable every day life. Thousands of students before you have proven it can be done. In return we can promise you a year with new friendships and experiences which will be fun, secure, and engaging.


You may wonder if you will be able to make friends and if you will miss the ones back home. We can assure you most students get over the feeling of homesickness after a couple of weeks. There will be so many other situations where you will tell yourself this is great and this is living. You will be gripped by boarding school and you will grip it. You may even feel reluctant about going home for weekends. We will do everything we can to give you a stimulating curriculum and a strong feeling of community with your new friends.

Personal goals

Boarding school reaches beyond the curriculum. We support you in reaching your personal academic goals and together we aim high. School may take up more time than you expect and we teach you the balance of rigor and depth. In future you are sure to think back on your stay at SKALs with many fond memories.

We have high academic standards because we know most of our students leave us to pursue upper secondary education, which qualifies for admission to higher education programmes. That is why you have to be ready to do your bit, because transitions are often challenging and difficult. Good luck with your choice of boarding school!

Are you ready?