SKALs Campus

The dorm rooms at SKALs aren´t like many others at boarding schools. We don´t have long hallways with two-bed dorms that can get you worried about whether or not you will be able to get along with the person you will be sharing a room with. Residential life at SKALs goes on in a contemporary setting with purpose-built two storey houses. There are four dorm rooms on each storey with four to five beds in each room and en-suite common spaces with couches and kitchen facilities, baths and toilets. We provide modern basic furniture (beds, individual study desks, and chairs) and we encourage students to decorate and create personal spaces. Students learn to become young adults surrounded by caring friends and peers. We invest time and energy in creating a comfortable and supportive environment.

Visiting hours

You can visit between every storey, whether co-ed or same-sex, between 8am and 10pm.

Even though our community is defined by a culture of inclusion and companionship it is also important to feel you can be yourself. There is always the possibility of withdrawing to your dorm room to find a place of privacy. But as the students say, it´s just a matter of time before you feel like opening up the door into the common room to hear what is going on.

House parent

A house parent is responsible for a friendly and nurturing environment in a storey/house where each student may thrive. In cases where a person or situation needs attention a collaboration takes place between the teaching faculty and the management.

Dorm jobs include daily cleaning of rooms and common facilities. Everyone has a cleaning chore and the storeys are checked. Dorms also have regular meetings to ensure the well-being of each and every one. 

Mixed zone

Mixed Zone is an opportunity to live in a co-ed community on a storey with two boys´ rooms and two girl´s rooms. This is a boarding experience preparing students for preparatory study arrangements.

The English House

Do you want to challenge yourself as a Dane, or do you not speak Danish - as one of SKALs' international students - The English House is a good choice for your boarding. In this co-ed building English is spoken 24/7. You can work on your English skills even outside classes in an international environment.