A great deal happens over the course of a week at Skals International Boarding School. For that reason, the weekend often provides some much needed breathing room. In general, it is up to you to decide if you would like to remain at the school over the weekend, or go home.

If you do decide to stay at the school, you must participate in the group arrangements planned for the weekend; but it is a good time to talk, "hang out" and do what you wish. There is always a program with an assortment of activities during the weekend. You may invite a friend to visit you over the weekend, and if you do, they are naturally also expected to participate in the weekend arrangements.

It is often during the weekends that you really get the time to enjoy yourselves together and to talk about something other than school. It is therefore a very good idea to stay at the school with your friends and be a part of the togetherness, the games, and the whole experience - maybe you'll even find your bike, your roller skates or your skateboard and go explore the beautiful natural surroundings, topping the day off with a dip in the nearby fjord or the swimming pool.

"Stay weekends"

Four to five weekends during the school year are "stay weekends" where you must remain at the school. During these weekends there is always something happening that everyone is a part of. It could be an International weekend, a wrap-up weekend after a hectic theatrical production week, a big and beautiful gymnastics presentation, an excursion, a day celebrating efterskoler, or other events.