How Do I Plan for SKALs? - What Should I Bring?

It can be difficult to think of everything when you are going to pack your suitcase for such a long stay. Therefore we give you this packing list of things we know from students that have been here before are important.

  • A warm jacket, mittens and a woollen scarf
  • A woollen sweater or two (remember it is quite cold in Denmark)
  • A pair of slippers (you do not have to go outside to attend classes)
  • Practical shoes for cleaning and exercise
  • Practical clothes for cleaning and exercise
  • Towels - a large and two small ones
  • Bathing suit (there is a swimming pool close to the school)
  • Dictionary (remember we speak English at SKALs)
  • Pens and pencils (for school work)
  • Writing paper (for school work)
  • National flag, costume, music, pictures (especially important for the Cultural Evenings)
  • Pictures of your family members and friends

Pocket Money

Former students estimate that you will need around 500 DKr per month for your personal needs which should cover: coins for washing clothes, shampoo, toothpaste, soft drinks, bus tickets, stamps, sweets etc.
Denmark is a fairly expensive country. For example a coca cola is 12 DKr, a bus ride from the school to Viborg and back 23 DKr, a stamp 6,50 DKr, a packet of chips 15 DKr, a piece of fruit 3-4 DKr.