SKALs is a relatively new boarding school. It started in 1990 in purpose-built structures and since then the school has grown. Today there are 6000m2 for you to enjoy. SKALs´ beautifully sloped scenery stretches approximately 2500 acres between two streams (Simested Å and Skals Å) in mid-Jutland. SKALs Boarding School is a modern and attractive estate for living and learning. The town of Skals is very close by with a range of shops.

Fine accommodations and classrooms

The large and light classrooms have new tables and chairs with tilting- and adjustable seats. A common study hall caters to all styles of learning with beanbags or closed cubicles for group work.

Comfortable living spaces and common rooms

The Forum has table tennis, pool table,  table football, group work places, etc. The Pyramid can be used for pc gaming, chess, TV, or chatting with your favourite friends.

Lecture Hall

This is where we start the day with the latest news using various sources or listen to talks, all in the spirit of N.F.S. Grundtvig, whose portrait adorns one of the walls. While seated in nostalgic theatre chairs students may enjoy our modern sound system and movie screen or the tones of the grand piano.

Multi room

This is where you can work on creative products and do editing on the Mac Pro workstations

Complete gym

Bathing facilities, jumping pit, basketball court, handball court, badminton and volleyball.  Get together for an indoor soccer match on a rainy day

Fitness gym

At SKALs you will not only become smarter you will also get stronger! Become a "member" at SKALs Fitness and work out in our fine area with the newest TechnoGym equipment.

Music room

You can sing and play instruments in our detached music room.

Guest House

Visitors to SKALs from abroad, Teacher College interns, houseguests, parents living far from SKALs are all welcome to stay with us.

Pleasant outdoor areas

All around school campus you will find possibilities for recreational use like soccer, tennis on gravel, beachvolley, camp fire, fish pond, and kissing bench.

Local community

Skals Town Swim Center is right across the Himmerlands Path, once the railway connecting Viborg and Løgstør. You may also take the path to the fjord or cycle safely to Viborg.