SKALs In a Global Perspective

"Contact with the surrounding world is necessary for social development." 


SKALs International Boarding School is built upon the Danish cultural heritage, but it is constantly met and enriched by other ways of life and other world views. Intercultural understanding and the development of friendships across cultures, nations, languages, etc is thus a central part of the school's objective. It is through meeting at eye level with other people and foreign cultures that we ourselves develop. Teachers and students are conscious about the fact that personal development and education cannot be built solely on Danish values. We must not be self-absorbed and closed to the outside world. International activities in teaching build on outward vision and inward reflection. 

Cooperation across borders

Globalisation demands cooperation across borders and in order for Denmark to participate it requires people that are not only competent academically, but modern and cooperative and thereby able to understand the various cultures of the world. Competencies such as these are not achieved exclusively through literature or on the school bench. It requires that one gets personal experience with other cultures, as understanding and insight in one's own as well as other cultures is essential in order for the individual to fare well in democratic society.

International learning environment

SKALs has an optimal framework for creating an international learning environment where learning languages and getting equipped with intercultural competencies is highly prioritized. In other words, you are prepared to understand and conduct yourself in other cultures in such a way in which you do not lose your own culture while simultaneously showing respect for and viewing others as just as sensible as yourself.

Intercultural competencies

International aspects should be brought in to instruction and be a part of daily life at the school, so that students are equipped with intercultural competencies and hereby become prepared to go on to "explore the world"; that they through active use of language and IT learn to communicate with people from other cultures and cooperate with young people that are different from themselves; that they gain the courage to be explorers in the world, rather than mere tourists. The school should strive to show the willingness and desire to "meet the world", and the international work should have the meeting of cultures as a goal. Differences create insight and change!

World citizens

The idea of being world citizens should characterise the school. As ourselves we are not enough. There is a need for students to gain awareness about being world citizens. A world citizen is a person who is willing to take on the current burning global problems and contribute to solutions that can benefit all of humanity. It is critical that everyone is aware of global problems, because they affect us all.