School community

SKALs is a boarding school, not simply a school with boarding. Boarding is the very heart of this school. SKALs will become your new home with a grand piano, home cinema, tennis court and jumping pit. Meals are served 6 times daily. This is the place to be if you are looking for education extending beyond the classroom and into the world. You will be inspired and challenged. We aim to provide a spirit a stimulating curriculum that offers choice, breadth and depth to equip our students with the skills and knowledge required for progression to higher education. We welcome you to a supportive community with teaching faculty who encourage a spirit of positive involvement and self-motivation. Learning inside and outside the classroom combines a sense of responsibility and sound habits, and you are very welcome, even in the weekends.

SKALs is family

SKALs has a size which enables close interaction and during the academic year you will get a feeling of belonging to a family. Good and caring community spirit empowers a true sense of belonging and nourishes relationships that last well beyond your year at SKALs.