School profile

SKALs International Boarding School is a post-secondary preparatory school with an ambitious and demanding learning environment. We offer great academic challenges to those students offered a placement in grade 9 or grade10.

The school does not offer a special education curriculum as such.

At the outset, instruction takes place in regular classes, but during certain times, classes are divided according to academic standing or personal learning styles.

Our international work is a natural part of life and daily activity at the school. Our instruction is based on the use of IT. You need to bring your own laptop PC.

Song, lectures, dialogue and fellowship is a natural part of daily life at the school. Physical education and dance are mandatory for all students.

SKALs is a one-year offer for 90 % of the students.

School day

In practice your school day consists of many elements: academic instruction, option classes, practical duties (cleaning and food preparation) and an assortment of collective activities, taking place both on and off school premises.

The academic instruction is important. It is a high priority to us that you learn something. You will have many classes, and we do expect you to be engaged and willing to put forth an effort.

We are not a school reserved for the academically elite that would require exceptional performance in your subjects BUT - we are not the right school for you if, due to boredom with school, you do not want to bother with formal instruction. In that instance, our schedule would be too academically heavy for you.

We are a school for those of you that wish to learn, and that are prepared to put forth a solid effort. Skals is a school not just for those who are "able", but in an equal capacity, a school for those who are "willing".

The will to be willing, creates the ability to be able! It is within you that it all begins. Only those who desire advancement - and work towards it - will achieve it.

Post-secondary education

A year at SKALs prepares you for your chosen post-secondary studies. Through instruction and fellowship with good friends, you will be armed to meet all sorts of different challenges. The school's educational guidance counselors will give you support and help in choosing the right path for you.  The talented teachers, passionate about the subjects they teach, will raise your academic skills to a new level.

At SKALs, the academic subjects conclude with the Danish core School exams or the extended School exams at the end of the school year. The National curriculum is followed throughout the school year in the academic subjects.

Study hour

All students have a compulsory "study hour" every day. The study hour gives you the opportunity to explore your subjects in depth, while acquiring good study habits. If you do not have homework due the following day, you can read ahead. In this way, (almost) everyone always has something to do. Alternatively, you can improve upon the homework you have already completed, or go into depth - study. When it is time for the "study hour", EVERYONE has something to do.


As part of daily life, the school seeks contact with the international world. The world of opportunity must be seized every day! We have a great deal of discussion about the world, and its problems. We bring in guest teachers from other countries, as well as exciting speakers. And during the year, you will go abroad and be a guest in another country, attending classes and doing projects. In addition, the whole school will travel together on a four-day trip to Berlin. 


Democracy means a great deal at the school.  It does not mean that the school is controlled by students and teachers in an equal capacity; the general plan for the school year is in place before you even arrive at the school. But in daily life we will take your recommendations into consideration wherever possible, and many things every day are left completely up to you and your friends to organize and take responsibility for.