Sven Primdal - Principal

Master in History and Sports Science. I have been the principal at SKALs since 2002. Previously I was a Folk High School teacher, 2 times Folk High School principal, teacher at a Danish Gymnasium (Upper-Secondary School) and Training Adviser in Lesotho, Africa. I teach politics. Besides that I am responsible for Morning News, Story Telling and Singing lessons.

I am personally interested in politics and people's enlightenment. Besides that I spend time on my MTB, tennis, skiing as well as sailing. I relax in my Summer House together with my wife, Signe. We are a lucky family with two grown up children and a grand child.

E-mail Sven: sp(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Lars Bjørn Mouritzen - Vice Principal

I teach in SIP, but I used to teach English, Danish, basketball, and philosophy.

Besides this I am very engaged in careers guidance and international politics, particularly the Middle East (Israel/Palestine).

I'm married to Rakefet with whom I've got three children.

When I am off from work, I enjoy spending time with my family, running and biking. 

E-mail Lars: lm(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Kirsten Benner Gerbek - Head of Administration

I have been employed at SKALs since the beginning of 1990. I have taught many different subjects, and in this school year I teach Danish.

When I am not at SKALs I spend time with one of my two lovely children or one of my very good friends, maybe I am in the theatre, in the cinema or at art exhibitions, maybe I'm reading or playing the piano, and if not - then I study kinesiology or I am traveling. By the way - I have to learn to calm down in a sofa. 

E-mail Kirsten: kg@skals-efterskole.dk


Anna Ansaba Johnson

I teach maths, combined science (mostly biology) and English. Also, I am co-teacher for the elective subject "Power & personal development". I've always enjoyed teaching and have taught several different subjects to different age groups during the past 7-8 years. I grew up in England, Ghana and Nigeria with my Danish mum, Ghanaian dad and three sisters. I now live in Viborg with my son and daughter.

In my free time, I can be found at Loop fitness center, out cycling or buried in a good book.

E-mail Anna: aj(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Anne Marie Falk Kristensen

My name is Anne Marie. I have been teaching since 1994  and at SKALs since 2003. I teach Danish and History and Performance - Music and Drama. In the spring I try to teach all our students to dance Lanciers. I am married with two kids and I live in Skals.

I love the outdoors, a good book, and a run with my dog, and I am also known for my love for Cocio and a hotdog with everything!

E-mail Anne Marie: amk(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Bent Kjær

I teach english, religion, and performance. I am also the school´s webmaster, head of the staff counsil, and Head of Administration at SKALs CIC. In 2000 I received my degree from Nr. Nissum Seminarium and have been at SKALs since 2003. Together with my wife, Henriette, I have three girls: Rebekka, Hannah, and Maria.

I spend my spare time with my family but I also spend a lot of time on playing music. I play the trombone in a Brass Band and bass in a jazz-trio. I love a good volley- badminton- or ultimate match, to read a good book, to fix my house, and to groom the garden.

E-mail Bent: bk@skals-efterskole.dk

Christina Braad Perret-Gentil

I teach danish, english, cambridge english, media and communication, and besides that I am in charge of the optional subjects "Movies" and "Music listening".
I live in a little village just outside of Aarhus with my husband Thomas, and together we have Jonathan who is 3 years old and Sarah who is 3 months.

In my spare time my main interest is music. Besides listening to music, whenever I have the possibility, I also like to sing, and I have been a part of the rhythmical choir Local Vocal for the past 12 years.
Furthermore I love to go to the movies, and if I want to relax, I enjoy a cup of tea and read a good book.

E-mail Christina: cp(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Dan Sheerman

I teach Maths together with the Physics and Chemistry parts of the Combined Science curriculum for the Cambridge exam. I received my teacher training at Liverpool John Moores University before moving to Denmark in 1996.

I live in Spøttrup together with my partner Mette and our son Arthur and close by our oldest son, Tobias, who lives in Skive. As well as the academic subjects I will also be teaching part of the Outdoor optional subject as I have instructor qualifications in kayaking, climbing, sailing and caving.

E-mail Dan: ds@skals-efterskole.dk

Kurt Pajbjerg

I teach maths, physics, chemestry, geography, biology, combined science, and Media/Communication. Furthermore I am the school´s IT administrator. I have been teaching boarding schools since 1992 and at SKALs since 1998.

In my spare time I read both fiction and non-fiction and I swim and ride my bike.

E-mail Kurt: kp(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Lars Grønvaldt Andersen

I teach danish, history and gymnastics. I also teach the optional subject "tumbling" with Peter. 

I am a newly educated teacher from VIA University College in Skive, but worked at SKALs last year as a gymnastics teacher.

I have since my own school time done a lot of gymnastics in different teams both as a gymnast as well as an instructor. I am very fond of sports in general and I like to do all kinds of different ballgames.  If I get the chance I also like to go abroad and take my snowboard for at ride on the slopes once in a while.

E-mail Lars: la@skals-efterskole.dk

Lisbeth Møller Eriksen

I teach danish, german, and adventure. In this schoolyear, 2013/14, I take part in the project called, Sprog bygger bro, where I work together with other schools and high schools.

In my spare time I play soccer with my two boys in our garden, cook on a fire, row kayak, or read a book. I love the outdoors and I often go on holiday in Norway or Sweden with my husband and kids.

E-mail Lisbeth: le(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Maj-Britt Nørskov Krag

I teach danish, german, and religion. For 11 years I have been a teacher in Folkeskolen. I am looking forward to be teaching at SKAls Efterskole.

I am 37 years old and live with my husband and our two sons in the countryside. In my sparetime I like to read books, enjoy nature, and be with my family and friends. I love to travel and see other cultures. In particular Germany is among my favorite countries.  

E-mail Maj-Britt: mk@skals-efterskole.dk

Morten Agerskov

I graduated as a teacher in 2013 from VIA University College Silkeborg Seminarium, with Danish and English as my two major subjects. I will be teaching 9.a in Danish and 10.a in English. I will also be teaching in FC-Sundhed together with Ole, and a new subject called Hardball. I live in Silkeborg with my girlfriend Henriette, and our little daughter Viola. In my spare time I'm a very active person, who loves the outdoors. I like long runs, Crossfit, diving when time and money allows it and to challenge myself with extreme sport.   

E-mail Morten: ma@skals-efterskole.dk

Ole Glanz

I teach science, combined science, and maths.

I live in Aarhus with my girlfriend. When I am not teaching, I like to workout in the gym as much as possible or go underwater hunting.

E-mail Ole: og(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Ole Nielsen

I teach maths, cultural studies, "brug bolden", and soccer. Furthermore I am one of two guidance counsellors. I live in Skals with my family. Besides me it consists of my wife Kedy, my two daughters Frederikke, who is 14, and Frida, who is 6, and Bella, who is our dog.

When I am not at school or together with my family, I like to ride my racebike, play soccer, or golf. 

E-mail Ole: on(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Peter Sloth

I teach the international project class, which every year go two weeks to Nepal. Furthermore I teach gymnastics and "styrke-fitness-spring". I have been teaching at SKALs since 1998, except for one year where I taught gymnastics at Berea College in Kentucky, USA.

I love cars, motorcycles, and to travel. I really like skiing and playing tennis but I do almost all kinds of sport and I really love to compete - and especially to win! I live in Skals but spend most of my time at school, which is my home away from home.

E-mail Peter: ps(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Tina Lyngsø Serup

I have been a teacher at SKALs since 1990. I teach German, IGCSE German and English, and the topic subject Ball Game. I am married to Jens, and we have a 21-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son. We live in Hald Ege.

I am interested in handball and sports, as an active player as well as a spectator - in Viborg Stadionhal, in Viborg Stadion, in the Austrian alps - or in front of the television with a nice cup of tea.

I am also very fond of riding my racing bike, reading a good book and going for a walk in the forest with my family and our dog.

E-mail Tina: ts(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Vibeke Olesen

I teach Danish, English and redesign. I came to SKALs in 2008 and my career in teaching includes jobs in surburban Copenhagen, Nuuk Greenland and Central Jutland.

Besides from being dedicated to supporting the academic and personal development of teens, I am an energetic woman who enjoys biking, swimming and skiing. My husband and I have four grown-up kids, a grandkid and a big dog that keeps us active.

E-mail Vibeke: vo(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Vicky Ehrenreich

I´m Vicky and I have been a teacher since 1996. I really enjoy teaching English at all levels. Teaching young people is very rewarding because it is all about opening up and exploring their world. I also teach Global Perspectives because I believe in tolerance and respect across the globe. I have lived many different places while growing up. But Silkeborg has been my home for the past many years.

Jeg underviser i dansk, engelsk og samfundsorienterede fag. Jeg bor i Silkeborg med min datter og min mand. Så nyder jeg naturen sammen med min hund. Min familie og jeg elsker at rejse ud og opleve en anden hverdag sammen.

Skriv til Vicky: ve@skals-efterskole.dk


Erik Møller

I am the school´s business manager. I live outside Aarhus with my wife Louise and our son Albert.

In my spare time I often take Bertram, my boxer, out for a walk. I love to go hunting and when the season is over, I spend time on renovating our house. If the weather allows it, I take my motorcycle out for a ride, and soon I will take my Vespa GL, which I currently am fixing up, out for a ride as well.

E-mail Erik: em(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Jytte Spinding

I have been employed at SKALs since January 1990. I work mainly with student administration.

In my sparetime I love spending time with my five lovely grandchildren, reading, or gathering herbs for schnapps. I also love watching sports on television, handball and football in particular.

E-mail Jytte: js(at)skals-efterskole.dk


Lis Kirsten Østergaard Olesen

I have been employed as Head of the kitchen at Skals since the school started in 1990.

In 1990 I attended a course in diet mentoring and is now a fully qualified Diet Mentor with special focus on weight control. I am available for special guidance inside this field. A large and important part of my work is teaching the students about the importance of healthy as well as varied diet.

One of my big interests is flower arranging and I like to use this in my job as well.

In my spare time I enjoy pilates, cycling or walks out in the open. I also like to relax with paint, brush and canvas.

E-mail Lis: lo(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Bente Mortensen

I am employed as an assistant in the kitchen since 1997. In the kitchen I have new colleagues each week as the students take turns assisting in the kitchen for one whole week per year.

In my spare time I like to go out camping with the family, often here in Denmark, but also abroad, first and foremost near the Mediterranean Sea. I am at the board of SGF, Skals Gymnastic Society, where also many students at Skals function as assistant instructors.

E-mail Bente: bm(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Vibeke Møller Christiansen

I am employed as an assistant in the kitchen at SKALs since the beginning of 2012. I live in Møldrup with my 3 girls.

My spare time is spent with my family and friends. I like to play badminton and go out dancing.

E-mail Vibeke: vc(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Teknisk personale

Jens Jørgen Ladefoged

I have since 1992 been the school´s caretaker. I am in charge of maintaining the school facilities and grounds.

In my spare time I am a handyman, a fly fisher, and I love the outdoors with camping in the Nordic countries.

E-mail Jens Jørgen: jl(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Martin Andersen

After a long and exciting work life, I started as an assistant caretaker in 2005. My job maily consists of gardening and fixing broken things in the student houses. Every day I look forward to a nice warm meal from the lovely kitchen staff.

In my sparetime I sail my own sailboat and I love to hunt.

E-mail Martin: ma(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Moe Kyaw Thu

I have been working at SKALs since 2007. I help out in the kitchen and with cleaning at school.

I am originally from Burma and live in Skals with my girlfriend and daughter. I am the school´s best dishwasher and I am willing to share the secret with students and staff.

E-mail Mou: mt(at)skals-efterskole.dk

Poul Nkubana

I have been employed as a assisting janitor at SKALs since 2011. My job is very diverse. I take care of both cleaning, cutting grass, fixing things, painting, helping in the kitchen, handing out paper, plastic bags, and soap to the students, and keeping the restrooms on school clean.

I am originally from Congo and I came to Denmark via Rwanda where my family and I lived in a refugee camp for 12 years. I like to spend my spare time together with my family and friends and together we go to church, visit friends, and do sports.

E-mail Poul: pn@skals-efterskole.dk