Welcome to SKALs

On this website you will find an insight into everyday life at SKALs International Boarding School, and what we can offer you in particular.

SKALs is one of more than 260 schools of this kind in the country. There are many similarities between these schools i.e. students live at the school, the school remains open seven days a week; but at the same time, the schools are very diverse, and that is one of the strengths of this form of schooling. This means that it is important for you and your parents to ensure that you choose the right school for you. Knowing another young person who was happy with one school does not necessarily mean that friends or family members should choose that particular school.


Fortunately, young people themselves are very diverse, and it is therefore important that you choose the school where the values and ideas are reasonably in tune with those in your home;  and that the activities that will take up the majority of your time, are activities of interest to you. These considerations also include our school. We hope you make the right choice for you.

The establishment of the school was an initiative taken by people with close ties to the business community. SKALs has 128 students (64 girls and 64 boys, distributed over three grade nine and three grade ten classes). We draw inspiration from the famous Danish founder of "free schools" in Denmark the prophetic figure, N.F.S. Grundtvig's (1783 - 1872) philosophy that through fellowship, discussion and education, one can prepare for life.

Empowerment and motivation

Alongside normal instruction, we emphasize the importance of empowering and motivating you to meet the challenges of the future that society and the business world will bring.

We do this by:

  • sharpening your insight in international relations.
  • giving language, intercultural relations and ICT high priority.
  • by setting high academic standards

This means that we give you:

  • solid academic instruction, which makes it possible for you to successfully move on to post-secondary studies.
  • awareness about the world that you are a part of, which includes giving you the courage and inspiration to take the opportunities that society offers - but also to take responsibility for the advancement. We strive to turn you into an active, positive and critical participant in society (both in the local community and in the large international arena).

The time spent at an efterskole becomes, for the vast majority, something extraordinary - something that neither can nor should be explained on this website. Now we just look forward to meeting you here at the school so that you can see for yourself if SKALs is something for you!

Warmest regards,

Sven Primdal